Functional Assessment and Report

We will do a complete assessment of how your child is functioning in relation to the school and home environment. It will assess fine motor skills (dressing, writing, manipulating objects) gross motor skills (running, balancing, jumping, gymnastic movements) and visual perception skills (hand eye co-ordination, figure ground discrimination. The therapist will then use the information gathered through this assessment to design a suitable treatment plan to overcome any identified difficulties. This can be done through our intensive therapy week progamme or one to one assessment as per request.


After the Assessment we provide report of an overview of the functional assessment completed by the our therapist. You may wish to use the functional report as a second opinion, or to provide more information for teachers, or just for your own reference. The purpose of the functional report is decided by you, it will be written by each therapist following an assessment, and is therefore a personalized reflection based on how the condition is affecting your child.