School Consultation

GCRC Consultancy service provides mainstream and special schools with an onsite Occupational therapist who can provide a 1:1 assessment of children with particular learning needs, an assessment of the school environments, and provide detailed individual reports outlining the impact on learning and any further recommendations for schools to improve development.

Benefits of GCRC  Consultancy Service, including:

  • Detailed outcome-based assessments of individual children
  • Follow-up individual reports outlining assessment and further treatment
  • A verbal and written summary of the assessment and any further recommendations, including equipment and any further treatment required
  • Onsite Paediatric Occupational Therapist
  • Verbal recommendations and advice to teaching staff
  • Modifications to the environment or seating plans
  • Parents of children who are assessed will have access to the individual reports and any further treatment plans or environmental modifications
  • Competitive prices

Every child who receives Occupational Therapy input during the time spent in school will receive an assessment that will outline and identify specific difficulties and complete activities that will benefit the development and improvement of the difficulties present. From this an individually tailored treatment program can be formulated and provided to the school in order for progression to be maintained.

Your school will receive individual report for every child who is assessed, providing them with an insight into how and why that child may be performing poorly on academic scores. Alongside this, the school will receive an onsite Occupational Therapist who can provide verbal advice and training to staff on how best to approach children with certain difficulties, as well as provide advice on how to improve the environment to improve learning for children with concentration difficulties.

The parent of each child who is assessed during the time on site, will receive the benefits of any treatment plans, modifications to seating plans or other environmental factors formulated for their child. The parent will also receive additional specialised input for their child that will improve the learning environment or provide teachers with a more detailed overview of their child in order to better their education plan.